Flowers of Spring!

**Update- for some strange reason my original post for my Spring Flowers disappeared! I’m still learning the inner workings of wordpress and I’m sure I pushed some button I wasn’t supposed to…sheesh…so this... READ MORE

Be Still My Rusty Heart!

    Rust…I love Rust…seriously love it! Is that strange? Maybe, but I bet there’s more people out there like me… So, with my love of rust in mind, I set about taking... READ MORE

Ta! Da! Finally finished!

Well…it took longer than I wanted it to…but, you know…we plan things and life gets in the way!  But I’m done! I’m done!   Can an you see me dancing around the living... READ MORE

Christmas is coming!

I love Christmas! I really, REALLY love Christmas! I’ve been creeping Pinterest for the past 2 weeks looking at Christmas stuff…and feeling guilty that I’m actually doing it. But I couldn’t wait anymore.... READ MORE

Chifferobe Redo!

This was the first Roadside Rescue I’ve ever done..and it scared me to death! Here is what it looked like when I found it on the side of the road…   It was... READ MORE